Sheet no Sukima

Synonyms: Sheets no Sukima, Between the Sheets, Sheherazade, Yoru no Bannin, Night Guard, Blanc, Kizuato, Izayoi, 16-Day-Old Moon
Type: Manga
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 6
Status: Finished
Published: Not available
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Shoujo, Josei
Authors: Yoshihara, Yuki (Story & Art)
Groups scanlating: Aerandria Scans, Condensation
Summary: A collection of humorous and smutty romantic short stories. Includes:

• Sheherazade – Youko just started working as an office lady at a new company. According to the gossip, Shinogami, her boss, is cursed and any girl who gets involved with him will die. After a lively welcome party, a drunken Youko wakes up in Shinogami’s bed. What will become of her?

• Sheet no Sukima (Between the Sheets) – Momoko and Kazuya go to apply for a marriage registration form, but the man at the public office, Hisame, is so rude that he offers them a divorce registration form as well. One month later, Momoko returns and…?

• Yoru no Bannin (Night Guard) – Maya consistently stays late at night at the office to finish her work, which earns her a nickname from the security guards. One guard in particular won’t allow her to stay despite her cries of saying that she’ll be done in 5 minutes. However, he notices that she’s been getting thinner and decides to make her lunch?! What exactly is going on?

• Blanc – A girl is getting married soon and goes to visit her cousin that she grew up with. However they’re closer than just family.

• Kizuato – Woman whose husband was killed in a car accident sexually abuses her handsome servant.

• Izayoi (16-Day-Old Moon) – Tsukiko is driven to suicide, while Akito tries to keep her away from her doctor. But what is Akito’s relationship between Tsukiko and the doctor; what is the doctor’s real identity and who exactly is Akito?


Blanc Marie

# Alternative Name:ブラン マリエ, White Marie
# Years of Released:2009
# Status:Completed
# Author(s):Yoshihara Yuki
# Artist(s):Yoshihara Yuki
# Genre(s):Comedy, Josei, One Shot, Romance
# Summary: What’s more painful than being married to a faithless and irresponsible husband? Being in love with your own brother-in-law, that’s what!


Chocolate Girl

Title: Chocolate Girl
Author: YOSHIHARA Yuki
Genre: Comedy Josei Romance
Year: 2010
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
Serialized In: Petit Comic (Shogakukan)
Licensed: NO
Groups scanlating: Midnight Scans
Summary: Kyouko is an entertainment manager and a negative character. She always thinks of the worst. She is appointed to scout a troupe of actors, and there she meets Riku…

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