Love Celeb

English: Love Celeb
Synonyms: Love Celeb: King Egoist, Rabu Serebu, Rabu Serebu – King Egoist, Dare nimo Ie nai, Dare ni mo Ie nai, I Can’t Tell Anyone, I Cant Tell Anyone, Darenimo Ienai!
Japanese: ラブセレブ
Type: Manga
Volumes: 7
Chapters: 38
Status: Finished
Published: May 1, 2004 to 2006
Genres: Ecchi, Romance, Shoujo
Authors: Shinjou, Mayu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shoujo Comic
Scanlator: A Willful Muse, AnimeSigma, Manhua-Revolution, Shoujo Manga Maniac, ShoujoMagic
Summary: Shinjo Mayu’s newest leading lady is an idol, and the leading man is… a future prime minister!? Just what is a “Love Celeb”? Nakazono Kirara is an aspiring starlet. She used to think she’d do whatever it took to get a starring role in a drama and have a CD. But her manager, Hanamaki, proves her wrong when he sends her into a room full of horny producers to sleep her way into a role! Kirara wants no part of it! She’s a virgin, and these guys are scary!! Especially the silver-haired one named Gin… He seems to be in charge. But he lets Kirara leave the party with her virginity and his phone number, and it seems like nothing lost, nothing gained… until Kirara is suddenly the most famous new starlet for no apparent reason!?

Side story in volume 7: Darenimo Ienai!
Ruka’s a junior high student in love with her father’s assistant, Fumi-sempai. She wants to become an adult quickly because everyone sees her as a little kid! But what would happen if she actually became an adult with the help of a time machine?


After School Wedding

Title: Houkago Wedding
Author: SHINJO Mayu
Genre: Romance School Life Shoujo Smut
Year: 2007
Status: Oneshot (Complete)
Serialized In: Cheese! (Shogakukan)
Licensed: NO
Groups scanlating: Tenshi-Tachi
Summary: Hana is a jealous wife, and Ryuki is her hot-shot-model husband. The thing is, he’s also her teacher at her high school!! Both struggle to manage their love and life while keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the school.


Goshimei desu!

English: I Nominate You
Synonyms: 頭牌男公關, Go Shimei desu!
Japanese: ご指名です!
Type: Manga
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 4
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 2009 to Nov 2009
Genres: Shounen
Authors: Shinjou, Mayu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Jump SQ
Synopsis: Renjouji Kiriya holds the coveted position of the number 1 ranked host at a high-class host club “Chateau du Amour” in Tokyo. The Chateau du Amour specializes in providing the company of beautiful, cultured men to female customers. Few people know that the popular Kiriya is actually Yamada Kotarou, a boy from Nagasaki who came to Tokyo to find a way to repay his parent’s debt.

Some of the other hosts, jealous of his position, are determined to get past his perfect facade to discredit him. Kiriya will have a hard time stopping them, especially after a former customer dumps an adorable 5-year-old girl on him, claiming he is the father. The only thing that could make this situation more difficult would be the arrival of his Nagasaki girlfriend Miharu, who knows nothing of his career as a host…